Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catch of the week.

We did get ot fishing last week and the biggest thing I caught was the flu and did it kick my Ass. We headed out to a local lake on Saturday and had a pretty good day chroni fishing. Streamer fishing has been slow so we hung some bugs and did fairly well. The best fish of the day was an 18in Brown.

Then we add 8 nice bows to the mix it was windy and cold but the wind came down around 4pm and the
row back to the launch was beautiful.

The rest of the night sucked. I got home and had a fever and was sick as a dog until yesterday.
Of course I got the I told you to get a flu shot from my wife and my daughters after that ass kicking I am thinking they may be right. The flu caught up with Hank on Sunday night and he is still MIA.

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