Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Bosie experience!!

This last weekend I had the pleasure of driving to Boise Idaho with my brother Jason to pick up or buddy Jeff for a weekend camping and fishing. I awoke early Thursday morning and my wife Kelli gave me a lift to meet my bro. After stowing all my gear in Jason’s truck and having a swisher we hit the road at 6am. The drive was uneventful although very beautiful. We drove through the Yakama valley and across the Columbia into Oregon past the Blue Mountains, and into Idaho. We got are fishing licenses and grabed Jeff and his pile of gear and headed to the South fork of the Boise River. We arrived after dark stumbling around trying to put up tents and start a fire with our headlamps on, and managed to get it done. The Wal-Mart hotdogs were cooked and the Montana beers medley case was opened and the fun had started so I thought. Jason, Jeff and I made it a fairly early first night as we were excited the prospects of fishing the river in the morning. Sleep HA HA HA froze my ass of and found out later that I had pitched my tent on top of a rock and a hole. Got out of the tent early and stoked the fire and started breakfast, maple links and scrambled eggs the best meal of the trip. We saw this sign in the camping area in the morning but no Bull Trout this trip.

our camp next to the river.
With the breakfast mess cleaned up it was off to the river to rope some hogs or so we thought. Boy were we wrong the South fork of the Boise was not kind to us this trip. I was mister whitey Jason hooked a few nice bows but lost them and Jeff was the star with 5 bows to hand the biggest just shy of twenty inches.

Jeff fighting his bow

these rainbows do eat!

the canyon that the river runs through is amazing.
By the end of 12 hours of fishing we were all disappointed in our results and ready for some hotdogs and cup of noodles and beer as we ate and drank we decided to bail on the South fork and head for the Owyhee river some 2.5 hours away in the morning. We had bigger problems right now we were low on beer and smokes so Jeff and Jason headed to Mountain Home while I manned the fire to restock . I am intentionally leaving out the part where I almost fell in the fire and did burn my pants, don’t ask.
The drive to the Owyhee River was over before we knew it and we were setting up a new camp in a desert canyon along a small river that was running slow and low and the fish were skittish and stealth was the word of the day crawl to the river fish from you knees in some places and sneak around everywhere else.

The Owyhee would not disappoint us but instead would thrill us with huge Browns in large numbers. The canyon that the river is situated in is full of a large and diverse population of wildlife, from the coyotes singing to us at night to the muskrats, raccoons and deer and a plethora of birds

     The food supply in the river must be outstanding because the fish are monsters

 what a mouth

 Jeff with a gorgeous Brown.

                                My Brother Jason and another of his many fish.

                               Me in hog heaven.

 Some of the scenery.

 I love this shot.

                                          That is my size 11 boot under that Brown.

This trip is ranked in my top ten not just for the fishing but also the company and the country. Some of the places that we are blessed with in this country leave me breathless.
Thanks for reading and I will see you on the river. Please leave a comment.
Zane Wyll

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