Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am ruined!

I am Ruined
Ok so here we go. Let me start by saying I have never won anything until this year. I won the Grand prize in FlyRod&reel’s 30 year customer appreciation contest. What was the grand prize you ask? It was an all expenses paid all inclusive trip to Pesca Maya Lodge in Ascension Bay 3 hours south of Cancun in Mexico’s Yucatan. I am a Fly Fisherman and I fish at least two days a week all over the west, but I had never fished the tropics. Pesca Maya lodge is indescribable so I will let the pictures talk.
mexico day one 053
mexico day one 187
George and his staff were great and attended to our every need. The food was impeccable and the scenery was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I had the pleasure of traveling with Jim Butler the VP of Down East Publishing the company that publishes FlyRod&Reel Magazine. Jim was a gracious host and gave me plenty of bow time for Bone Fish, Tarpon, Snook and Permit. The reason I am FUBAR is now all I can think of is how to get back to the tropics. I called Jim when we got home and told him that he had ruined me and he laughed and said his plan had worked. Here are some of the pictures I took of fishing and the wildlife in the area. Jim took a ton of pictures that I have also but I will not publish them as the Magazine is going to do a spread on the trip.
mexico day one 020
Jim Butler with a nice Bone and a huge smile.
mexico day one 027
Mangrove nursery
mexico day one 208
The locals
Nester the Guide
mexico day one 223
Osprey in the nest.
mexico day one 186
Lodging at Pesca Maya
You get the idea it was the best trip I have taken thus far in my 44 years of life. I want to thank FlyRod&Reel for the opportunity and I want to thank Jim for being the host with the most. Jim you can be my wingman anytime.
Tight Lines, Zane
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